spins-online-nzThere are many cool gambling offers in modern online casinos, and one of them is free spins. Basically, free spins mean that a player may take advantage of playing pokies and enjoy gambling with no deposits. It is a nice opportunity for a newbie to try out pokies and get a sense of what this all is about. Good to know, that even in case of using free spins online still the game is about real money! So, many online casinos feature limited offers for New Zeland players. There is another cool thing about free spins. A player who accepts this offer still gets all welcome bonuses and promotions once they register, and this does not interfere with receiving free spins. Furthermore, the money you win does not vanish as long as you continue, so you simply get a chance of gambling with casino money without the investments on your own. So check out the list of free spins here!

Rank Casino Bonus Review Visit
1 NZ$1600 Bonus Review Play Now
2 NZ$1500 Bonus Review Play Now
3 NZ$1200 Bonus Review Play Now
4 NZ$1000 Bonus Review Play Now
5 500EUR Bonus + 100 Free Spins Review Play Now
6 €1000 + 100 free spins Review Play Now

Spins online: how does it work

Everything is pretty simple. First, need to register in the casino you pick from the list. Next, check out your account to see that the number of free spins is already listed in your profile. So, you may simply play, counting on the spins you’ve got for the slot game you select, and it’s up to the amount provided by the casino, It’s cool, that all the winnings you get while you are into it also arrive on your account, and are yours, so you may simply go ahead playing with everything’s there. Though it’s important to note, that some casinos may be kinda tricky and allow cash outs only after you provide a deposit. Fair to say, that this is made not out of casinos’ desire to rip you off, but for security purposes, both theirs and yours. But in any case, it is always a good idea to check out a complete list of terms and regulations in the particular casino you are planning to deal with.

When talking about free online spins, one should understand what in reality is that ‘no deposit’ bonus, offered by a casino. By the way, such bonuses are quite often offered by the online casinos to the newbies. There are two ways they may offer it – either in the form of free spins or as a real credit on your casino account. So, they give you a certain amount of money to play and get involved in gambling on their platform. It is cool that you may see how the stuff works first, and only then decide whether you want to make a deposit and go ahead playing. These bonuses are usually game specific and frankly speaking is not very big. Usually, it is around $10 or 10-30 spins. But, these are available only for those, who’ve never had an account at that specific casino.

Free online spins: is it free money?

This question is hard to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’, as it’s both. It is free money, that the casino provides to a player to enjoy real money games available on the board. And as long as the player is welcome to play with this money according to their own strategies, usually the casinos allow withdrawals only after a certain deposit is made. Plus, it is always a good idea to check out the other terms, which are usually paired with the no-deposit bonuses to clearly understand what is going to happen next. For instance, when such bonus is applied, there usually a limit on how much you may win without making a deposit and using only the bonus you’re provided. Plus, to your winnings, there may be applied certain wagering terms and requirements. So, real card sharps always recommend newbies check everything to know what to expect. Cutting long story short, free online spins really provide with a free play, which is somehow limited by the casino terms. In this understanding, this is really free money. Though note, that when you decide to withdraw your winnings, you will most probably have to invest a bit and make a deposit. So if you’ve got your eyes set on winning some cash, free spins are not that long-term strategy.

As a kind of loyalty bonus, certain online spins NZ are available for the new players, who open the account and then follow to a certain gambling machine. The bonus is usually visible in the spin place right away. Though certain casinos will still ask you to make a deposit, and only then get those free spins (usually the amount is somewhat between 25x to 100x if the minimum deposit of around $25 is made). Of course, it is no fun to struggle with the terms and conditions, so let’s review the most crucial points to make you prepared!

Some online spins NZ terms you should know

When they talk about the minimum qualifying deposit, they mean a minimal amount of money a player has to put as a deposit on the account. Plus, there is a limit, which means that with that no-deposit bonus provided you may win no more than a certain limit. Let’s say, the limit is $300, so even if you win $1000, you will get no more than $300. Playthrough requirement, which may be also sometimes called as wagering requirement, is a multiple bonuses. It is the money you have to bet with (real amount) to withdraw money won with the bonus money. In fact, nothing too complicated. But free online spins truly give cool opportunities to try out something new!