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At SlotCasino.co.nz, we review and also showcase selected or affiliated casino rooms as well as provide the customers with overall informative data on online casinos, online casino games along with the gaming industry generally. We’re not an online casino, neither are we a supplier of online casino gaming. SlotCasino reviews and advertising are solely for marketing purposes and to give insight to readers. SlotCasino.co.nz is not liable for any inaccuracies that exist within the information placed on its website and also SlotCasino.co.nz will also not be liable nor held accountable for any damage or even losses that these inaccuracies might cause.

Should you find incorrect or perhaps incomplete info on SlotCasino.co.nz, please notify us at info@slotsasino.co.nz, as we are always trying to provide readers with current as well as exact facts. Additionally, all information that is provided by SlotCasino is copyrighted and any use, without express written permission of SlotCasino.co.nz, is a violation of trademark laws and relevant copyright.

Additionally, SlotCasino.co.nz makes no warranties of any type regarding the fitness for use and for the bugs, errors, computer viruses or defects in any software delivered by third parties or ourselves, which could potentially cause damage to your personal computer or other personal devices.

SlotCasino.co.nz furthermore makes no warranties of any kind when it comes to accuracy, reliability, currency or completeness of any text, link, graphical, marketing as well as other item contained on this internet site therefore SlotCasinoe is not liable for any sort of errors that are contained in our content and reserves the right to make changes to all the mentioned content material at any time, without notice. The internet-based betting houses that we examine and also expose are often making adjustments to their rules, regulations and promotions, without any prior notice. Because of the reason that betting houses can make unexpected adjustments to certain promotions and also offers, we recommend you to constantly check the info on the casino’s web site prior to signing up and playing.

By visiting and also playing at the betting houses we include on our website, you confirm that you understand that it is possible to lose a small amount or all of the money you may have played with at those online casinos. You additionally confirm and understand that SlotCasino.co.nz will not and also can’t be held responsible for your deficits. Any sort of losses which are incurred playing at an online casino that is assessed, presented or outlined on SlotCasino.co.nz is your own responsibility and not the responsibility of SlotCasino.co.nz or any other business, contractor or company that is affiliated with our site.

Make sure that you check with current laws and regulations before you’ll sign up and start playing at any online casino. Online casino gambling has to be legal in your town, county or country of residence and you must be of legal age in your town, state or country. SlotCasino.co.nz recommends anyone be responsible and to know and honour the local and national laws that are in place concerning online casino gaming where you are playing or are going to play.

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